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(wc 314)

My muse Poly gave me a rewrite for today.  The original you can find here. if you care to read it.

     A doxology by the shore 

The darkness belied that dawn was approaching
Though the clock said it was true;
When the night feels days encroaching,
It exhibits its deepest blue.
So quickly I stepped into my shoes,
Found my sweater, then slipped out the door.
The tap on the road from the cane I must use
Was all I heard as I walked to the shore.

By the time I arrived at the boardwalk
That bridges the dunes to the sea,
I heard the soaring seabirds squawk
Announcing the day that was coming to be.
Setting my shoes beside the stairs
And tossing my cane aside
I softly whispered my morning prayers
And stepped out to meet the tide.

I cast my eyes to the horizon
And awaited the very first ray
And for as long as I could, kept my eyes on
The sun, as it turned night to day.
The sky glowed in shades of pink and gold
For moments, then yielded to blue.
I marveled that every time I behold
This spectacle, it’s new.

I knelt to scribble on the sand
What the waves would soon erase.
But beauty formed by God’s own hand
Will last, a witness to the grace
That woke me when the time was right
And whispered to my spirit,
To go and see day conquer night –
To tremble, yet not fear it.

I offer up my endless praise
For this that has been given me
The chance to see the sun’s first rays,
And find God shining on the sea.


I suspect Poly is preparing me for another visit to the shore.  I’m feeling the need to see my Zoë.  May God continue to bless you all, my Gentle Readers, with the blessings of enough. . .