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Pictures I took yesterday – spring has sprung here.  Temps in the 70’s. Strange, but beautiful!

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I received not one single e-mail last week from anyone making a guess about what the one word would be this week.  Yes, my dear Gentle Readers, I was willing to limit the number of words this week to one – and I even gave you a hint by including it in the post, but no takers.  So until it is guessed, that word will remain a mystery.  (It was a good one too!) Ah me – you asked for it! You will now have the following ten words to memorize for the next quiz. How’d you do on the last one?

Mabble – to wrap up; I haven’t yet determined whether this means like a present, or to just finish up this long and boring post.  Depending upon your outlook, it is either fortunate or unfortunate that I have decided on the side of the former.  So mabble me a present, and send it post-haste!

Mabsoot – happy;  That’s me!  How about you!  I love boring my readers with long vocabulary lists.  Makes me positively giddy inside!  Does this create unmabsoot readers, or perhaps the antithesis of mabsoot – antimabsoot?

Macromancy – divination using large objects; Over the last several weeks I have come to the conclusion that there is a method of divination using every single thing under the sun.  I mean, if you can use a baked ass’s head, you can divinate with anything!  I do however, wonder what information is actually divined from a baked ass’s head.

Maculomancy – divination using spots; what did I tell you – a diviner can use anything!  In this case I wonder how they can read the spots I sometimes see in front of my eyes, but that’s just me.

Metopomancy – divination using the forehead or face.  Yet another case in point. I can hear it all now:  “Your receding hairline and impending baldness tells me that we are going to experience a long period of drought, during which nothing will grow.  The drought will last until you visit ‘Bosley’s Hair Club for Men.’  I also foresee that farmers throughout the area will kidnap you and carry you there in the dead of night, and chain you to the door until the office opens.”

Metoposcopy – fortune-telling or judgment of character by the lines on the forehead; I wonder what they do if their client has just been to the Botox clinic?

Metrophobia – fear of poetry; Now this one really puzzled me.  Shouldn’t it be a fear of urban areas?  That makes more sense.  I could understand being afraid of cities – especially big ones.  But fear of poetry?  What is the reason for that?  Does a metrophobic fear that the poetry will leap off the page and bite?  Or perhaps set the reader on fire?  I can see being disgusted by bad poetry or mystified by dense allusory poetry, but afraid?  Strange.

Micromancy – divination using small objects;  Big surprise.  I guess if you run out of large objects you could always turn to the small ones.

Myomancy – divination from the movements of mice; This tops them all.  A baked ass’s head, well, OK, but watching the movements of mice and telling the future?  What, the future for the mice?  In our case, the diviner would say, “Justin will find you, decapitate you, and leave the rest of your body in some hidden spot where you cannot be discovered until you stink up the house.  ‘Nuf said.

Mumpsimus – view stubbornly held even when proved to be wrong;  I have to wonder who was the first person this word was used to describe?  I think of some Popes confronted with Galileo and Copernicus.  It might go all the way back to the Garden of Eden.  We all know of course that Adam only took a bite of the forbidden fruit because he wanted to prove to Eve that it was a bad idea.  When they got tossed out of the Garden, Adam shouts, “See? what did I tell you?”  Eve’s response was, “But didn’t it taste good? Would you like another?  We can plant all the forbidden fruit we want!”

By the way, you will never convince me that conversation did not take place. I say it did.  Period.

Now you will all be mabsoot to learn that I am at last mappling this post.  My superb skills of maculomancy tell me you have all had enough. . .  (I read my own spots.)

(Words and definitions for my “Wednesday’s Word and Picture” posts are most often found at the following highly-recommended site:  Phrontistery )