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(Source: rtf123)

(wc 251)

(For the Trifecta Writing Challenge, week 19))

Clean (WTF?)

Blue pencil unsharpened,
unused. Unprepared, unneeded
for the unsuitably perverse
in prose or verse.
Years gone by, gone the days –
blue-tinged wood-shavings
would cover the floor
beneath the desk, where lies
this blue pencil, unsharpened,
unused, unprepared, unneeded.

Listen, my children:  there used to be
days, when blue bought blue
by the score.  Enough to cover,
strike out, remove
all unclean, unsuitable, unnecessary
for unsuspecting readers – for those
who might be unprepared
for such unsuitable
perverse, unclean prose
and verse.

Once dirty, now spotless,
clean.  There is nothing
that cannot be written, nothing
that cannot be read.
Out of the mouth,
Onto the page, no blue-pencil
middleman, now collecting dust
instead of the unsuitable, perverse
in prose or verse.

What we have always been,
we have now become
in prose or verse –
(once unsuitably perverse) –
clean and profane, a paradox
unedited, unexpurgated,
once imagined, now proclaimed.
We are for all intents
(and purposes) no longer needy.
A quaint antique blue pencil
ready for anything describing
nothing, participles dangle
in fear of rescue.

Once unacceptable, such
unsuitable prose or verse
is now acceptable, perverse.
No editing required
all writing inspired, clean;
no shoes, no shirt? No service
or editing required. Blue pencil
unsharpened, unused,
unprepared, unneeded;
awaiting the dirty, when
all is clean.


Even though I can ignore with alacrity, I am tired of the endless glut of uncreative language, and unimaginative prose.  Quite frankly, my dear Gentle Readers, I have had enough. . .