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(wc 59 (+66!)

This weekend’s Trifextra Challenge – Week 9 (the mini weekend challenge of the Trifecta site) is to use the following 33 words (in bold type) as the springboard to your own 33 words (exactly) to continue the story.  This is what came to my kind first.  Makes me worry about myself sometimes.

“There’s nothing cute about it,” he said. The register of his voice indicated decision more so than discussion.

She disagreed heartily and privately, staring past his head and out the window behind him.

“I think it’s adorable,” she thought, smiling to herself. “What’s your problem?” she asked aloud.

“What’s cute about some guy mooning us from across the street?” he sneered. But she heard jealousy, too.


My added thirty-three words makes this story complete enough. . .