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At my desk, making important decisions

(wc 156)

Sidey’s Weekend Theme is “The Decision.”  I hope she is not expecting me to make it for her.  I have a hard enough time with my own.  In spite of that, here is one of those hard-wrought things – otherwise here known as. . .


Do I ever find it hard to make what I think is the right decision?
Each time I strive to rhyme a line in lyrical tight precision!
Choosing better words for good, or sometimes best for better
Is never easy!  Is it any wonder I’m a fretter?
Surely you can understand the predicament I’m in –
I’m forced to choose a word like fretter, or to begin again.
Oh dear! “In” and “again” don’t make a nice tight rhyme.
Nothing now to do but quit, and wait until the right time.


And if you all wish really hard, that time might never come – but remember, you have to wish hard enough. . .