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Perhaps your eyebrows will rise upon reading this weeks edition of Monday Joy, but I really am celebrating today.  My celebration actually started on Saturday afternoon, and the joyous celebration reached its height early yesterday evening, when I watched Tiger Woods sink his final putt for par and win by a hefty five strokes this year’s Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf Tourney.  Although winning is nothing new, historically, for Tiger, this win was special because it was the first PGA Tour event he has won in 924 days following that Thanksgiving evening of 2009.

I’m too happy to go on a rant now, but I will refer you all back to one of my first rants for this blog, actually my 9th post here at RFACM.  I wrote about my distress over the public humiliation that Tiger Woods had to undergo in making his “confession to the Press” in February of 2010.  You can read that post here.  As I was a beginning blogger, I am not sure it was read at all (there were no comments), but it is one that I like, mainly because it gave me an opportunity to spout off on a topic that pretty much sums up my grievance with the media.

Although it came as no surprise, the New York Post definitely lived up to its sordid reputation by putting up this front page for their morning’s edition.  I was going to post it here, but changed my mind.  It has been printed enough!

Although as a child and even into my teens, I enjoyed playing recreational sports – football, baseball, kickball, basketball, etc., I have never been a rabid sports fan, and seldom would watch sports on TV or attend events (I did watch golf with my Dad, because I enjoyed being with him); but I have discovered something about myself over the years.  As my physical ability to take part in sports has decreased, my interest in watching others do it has proportionately increased!  Something that I never thought in a million years that I would say is that I am a dedicated fan of several sports, and follow the stats regularly, even if I do not have the opportunity to watch the games.  I love Golf (our youngest son being a pro helps that along!), I enjoy College Football, and College Basketball, and you will catch me following Pro Football and Pro Baseball if teams I like are playing!

I have several sports heroes, the top three at present being Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, and Tiger Woods.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen – TIGER WOODS! Watching that young man play golf has been one of my greatest pleasures for years now.  I guess I am different.  Unlike many sports fans, I am not completely disenchanted with sports figures when they fail to be perfect.  That is not at all to say that I approve of his off-the-course behavior, but it is saying that his skill and dedication to the game are awesome, and worth celebrating and admiring.

I’m not sure I will ever understand why we expect people to be perfect in all aspects of their lives – especially those who have managed to be exemplary in only one facet of them.  Why can’t we tip our hats to their skill in appreciation, and let them lives the rest of their lives in private.  For those people who insist on making the central purpose of their lives to be recognized, (i.e., Paris Hilton, the entire Kardashian family – why do I even know their names?) then more power to them, but that is not in my area of interest or appreciation.  I am apparently in the minority.

I will stop now – I think most of you know what I am talking about, and I’m too happy now to get in a funk!  I am looking forward to the Masters next month. (An item on my bucket list is to attend at least one of the days of the Masters tournament with our son Matt.  Of course doing the same at St. Andrews for the British Open is also on the list – if I could do both, well, I know I could then die ecstatic!)

I am making no predictions – just hoping.  Not many things would give me more pleasure than watching Tiger put on that green jacket once again.  I am not saying I do not enjoy watching other great golfers play,  and I would of course be happy for anyone who manages to win at that most demanding course – but right now, my hopes are riding with Tiger Woods.  It has been a long, sad, injury-laden time; a time of surgeries, designing of new strokes, a whole host of family difficulties to work on, as well as his own personal demons.  After more than two and one-half years, it is long past time for him to get back to being able to concentrate on what he does so well.  Because the sport came naturally to him does not mean that he has not worked fiercely throughout his life to be the best he can be.  Come by my house any day of the Masters – you won’t even have to come inside to hear me shouting after every putt he takes, “IN THE HOLE!”

In the meantime, enjoy these highlights of Tiger’s winning ways from this past weekend’s tourney at Bay Hill.  For me, he did enough. . .