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Those of you who hated this post the first time around will have to forgive me.  For some reason or other the subject of medications has been popping into my head, even as I pop them into my mouth.  I am sick of all the stuff I am required – by two different physicians – to take.  (Dr. Cutting is not among them. He just slices and dices.) I like the Docs personally, but I’m beginning to be not-so certain about their credentials and expertise.  They think I’m sick.  Whereas I know I am!  So in honor of the meds that I take (in spite of knowing what I know), herewith one of my more serious efforts:

Blogs becoming demanding? Falling asleep at your desk? Can’t stop yawning? Still depressed by blog-reading? Here’s the cure – READ THIS BLOG! Feel great again!  RFACM will give you the world!

If you have been reading other blogs for at least 6 weeks and are still struggling with staying awake, too much yawning, and feelings of depression, reading RFACM (Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror) along with one or more of those other blogs may help with such unresolved problems in as little as 1-2 weeks.*

Warning:  Reading this blog, RFACM® (er-FAKE-em) can be hazardous to your health.  Read it only as directed. Over-reading can cause serious problems for the reader including, but not limited to serious eye problems, utter boredom, time wasted, virulent yawning, utter disgust, and death.  It is imperative that you discuss with your ISP or blog-health practitioner the names and URL’s of other blogs you may be reading – especially those to which you are subscribed, as they may conflict with your own opinions, leading to confusion and anger-induced brain farts.  Do not read this blog if you are allergic to any of its content.  Signs of an anaphylactic reaction include yawning, lack of measurable enjoyment response to RFACM acronyms, and significant waste of time.  Failure to act promptly by closing the page can lead to serious complications, including but not limited to anaphylactic shock and death.

Before reading RFACM or digesting any of its content, make certain you familiarize yourself with all of the possible side effects. 

Readers with dementia-related psychosis (eg, an inability to perform daily or weekly blog posts due to increased memory loss) reading RFACM have an increased risk of death by boredom.  RFACM is not approved for these readers.

RFACM can increase confused thoughts and behaviors in those inexperienced with the manufacturer of RFACM, PTC Inc.  Serious cases of yawning are themselves associated with an increase of turning off the computer and going to bed.  When reading RFACM, call your internet service provider right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, unusual changes in behavior, or thoughts of attempting to quit reading altogether.  Readers and their families should be especially observant after reading RFACM for the first few times, or after a change in reading frequency.  RFACM is approved only for readers who accept the risks of reading RFACM.

If you develop uncontrollable facial or body movements, call your ISP, as these may be signs of losing your mind (LYM)

If you have diabetes or have high risk factors or symptoms of diabetes, you should monitor your blood sugar while reading certain posts on RFACM.  High blood sugar has been reported by readers of RFACM when certain treacly sweet or overly sentimental posts are read.  In some cases, extreme high blood sugar can lead to reading sour, violent, or intensely serious blogs which can lead to utter devastation.

Other risks may include lightheadedness upon standing after reading a very long post on RFACM, decreases in brain cells (which can be serious), seizures of laughter and/or vomiting, or impairment in judgment or motor skills.  Until you know how RFACM affects you, you should not read any RFACM posts while driving or operating heavy equipment or machinery. The common side effects in adults (≥10%) in clinical trials conducted by anonymous WordPress officials, include nausea, vomiting, constipation of thought, headache, dizziness, an inner sense of restlessness or a need to move away from the computer (computhesia), anxiety, and insomnia.  Tell your ISP about all the blogs you are reading, since there is some risk of blog interactions.  You should avoid coffee while reading RFACM, unless you desire to stay awake throughout the entire reading session.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of RFACM and other blogs to WP.  Visit www.wpcomplaints.sure!/blogwatch/or call 1-800-GET REAL (1-800-538-7325). Please read the additional Important Information about RFACM, in any of the pages noted below the header banner.

Ask your ISP about the option of adding RFACM to your daily blog reading.

FREE trial read†   FreetrialRFACMoffer.com 1-800-IAM-KIDN (1-800-426-5436)

*Based on 6-week clinical studies comparing RFACM with other blogs versus other blogs alone.
Restrictions apply.


I don’t know. . .do you think maybe I’ve had enough. . .?