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Friday again!  Remember to save this post for your useless, but fabulous facts file!

1.  China has more English speakers than the United States.  Of course I suspect that China has more Chinese speakers than the United States as well.  I reckon they have more speakers, period, than the United States has or ever will.  They have more speakers than almost all other countries combined!  And owing the woeful state of public education over here between the ponds, I bet their English speakers speak better English than most of the English speakers in the United States.

2.  People living on the east coast of the US prefer creamy peanut butter, while people living on the west coast of the US prefer chunky peanut butter.  I suspect that both east and west coasters like both, but their buying habits are different. One of the explanations for that is obvious. If you live on the west coast, you are prepared for earthquakes. There is no need to buy creamy there because a good quake will rattle it around enough to puree it to whatever texture you desire.  East coasters like theirs smooth to begin with, and they do not generally have the added convenience of a natural food processor.  So if they want chunky, they just throw in a few chopped nuts to their smooth PB.  I think I must be bi-coastal.  I like both.

3.  Tomato catchup* is a good conditioner for the hair. It also helps get out the greenish-ting in their hair that some blondes get after swimming in water that has chlorine in it.  A big blog shout-out from me to whoever tries it first!  I wonder if, when this gets posted,  the thousands upon thousands who read this will buy out every bottle of the stuff, leaving poor summer barbecuers bereft.

4.  The word “lethologica” describes the state of being unable to remember the word you want.  I bet you know exactly what I’m going to write now, don’t you?  Good!  Because I forgot what I was going to write.

5.  An armadillo can walk under water.  Good to know.  The next time I want to leave one, I’ll strike swimming away from one off the list of “50 Ways to Leave Your Armadillo.”  This fact is not hugely surprising to me, though.  I mean a really great piece of trivia would be if an armadillo could walk on water.

*The Catchup Advisory Board has some more good news for all of us! Those of you not in the loop, this video is a segment of an episode of “A Prairie Home Companion,” by American Public Radio, radio-broadcast live every Saturday night throughout the US.  It has been a fixture on Public Radio for more the 40 years!  The fabulous humorist, Garrison Keillor (in the white suit), is the star and creator of the show, He is always joined by a regular group of cast members and musicians, as well as guest stars each week.  “The Catchup Advisory Board” is one of the “sponsors” of A Prairie Home Companion.

(If you loved this video, there are several available to watch on YouTube – just key in Prairie Home Companion, sit back, and enjoy!)

I wish you all, my Gentle Readers, enough. . .