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Took some photos yesterday.  Don’t worry – there are just a few here.  Not my best work (it’s hard to take good photos when there’s a frisky and stubborn dog tugging on your arm), but at least I was able to get my first butterfly photo of 2012!  He is not the first one I have seen – they started appearing about three weeks ago, or so, but I did not have my camera with me at the time.  It was a lovely warm spring day yesterday, so when I took Princess out for a walk, I decided to grab my camera and take it with me, to see what I could see.

If Princess had given me just 5 more seconds, the blurry photo of her sniffing at the butterfly would have been great.  But NO! She yanked my arm all three times that I tried to capture the scene.  She was so cute, and the butterfly didn’t seem to mind!  But, Princess could not sit still long enough for me to focus.

This last day of March, 2012.  One-fourth of the year has already gone by.  Hard to comprehend the pace of time. I am only just now getting used to writing or typing “2012.”  I’ll probably get the hang of it about the time that 2013 rolls around.  Yikes! I can see it, lurking around the corner up ahead.

I wish you all, my Gentle Readers, the abundance of enough. . .