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Wordle #50 from The Sunday Whirl presented an interesting challenge – mainly the challenge for me not to take the obvious path, and watch our cat , Justin, long enough for the poem to pop out.  But then it occurred to me, that he is too lazy to fit this Wordle.    And because the alphabet is firmly fixed in my mind for this month, I went another way.


It’s time to pack.
So get your paws
off my pet sweater.
What’s the point
of even trying
to stop me from
escaping your deception?

The shape of our relationship
Has melted away.
What once had lustrous shine
Has all but disappeared,
Not long ago, the sweet scent
of our love was everywhere.
All that I can smell now
Is the acrid smoke of love-cinders.

The string of pearls
that counted all our days
has broken, scattering the
memories, erasing from my senses
the sweet and salty taste
of your lips, your skin,
the feel of your flesh
upon mine.

Was it all an illusion –
Just some trick you played
upon my heart?
Was I someone to toy with
until some other more
desired-one came along?

Yet, even as I slam the door,
I cannot help but long
for you to come after me,
Plead with me to listen,
to believe, that what I
heard you whisper
as you slept, was not
your deepest secret
revealed at last – your wish
that I was dead.


Like I said, I went a different way.  The alphabet led me down a foreign path.  But you gotta go where those words take you.  Would someone please send me the directions back home? It’s cold over here.  I’ve had enough. . .