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Today is “K” according to the Kalendar, so what else could be better for that letter than a cute and cuddly

Kindle of Kittens

Kindling her first and only four,
Moxie, not resigned nor silent,
Cried out her birth announcements.

Each their mother’s child in truth,
Born with natal feline wisdom
Waited patiently for sand-paper love –

Love that warmed and stimulated,
Love that urged them on to need
For sustenance, then quiet, dreamless rest.

Mighty Moxie, small in stature,
Formidable in feline spirit, in duty
Laid, a mother, spent and satisfied.

Suckle and sleep, suckle and sleep,
Each day the kits became themselves
And each endured maternal inspection.

Soon four independent spirits
Opened their eyes and earned their names:
FloJo, Kermit, George, and Ginger.

Under watchful workaday love
They grew and learned the feline ropes
And Moxie slowly, day by day, retired.

Duties over, she let them go.
Returning to her former life
House mistress, and high-minded, she

Reigned with love, giving, accepting
Until the day she stole away,
Leaving mystery and memories behind.


There really was a Moxie, who reigned over our household.  She came to us one day, still quite young, after swimming to shore and climbing up the riverbank to the safety of Joshua’s tender reception. We deduced that she had been part of a litter that someone had thought to dispose of. We do not know, but suspect, that she was the only survivor of a kindle of kittens that had been bagged and then tossed into the Powell River to drown.

The river flowed across the street from our house, and Joshua, our eldest, was sitting on our front porch.  Originally called Moses, for obvious reasons, she “knew which peach to pinch” when she saw our tenderhearted son, and ran across the street and up the porch steps and into his lap.  It didn’t take long for her to muscle her way into our home and hearts and earn her true name, “Moxie.”  She had tons of it!

When she first came to us she still needed a mother, and our three-year-old spayed, never-a-mother dog, Elvira, was eager and willing to fulfill that role.  Moxie “suckled” on Elvira, who gave her the love and motherly affection she had been denied by the cruel people who had sought to kill her.

Moxie caught us by surprise, before we were able to have her spayed, by getting pregnant not too long after she arrived.  Even though still very young, she bore those kittens bravely, and proved a perfect mother, proudly releasing them in due time to their own homes.

After we moved to our next parsonage, Moxie acclimated very well, and enjoyed exploring, and climbing all over her new “digs.”  About a year after we had moved in, a visiting plumber left open the door to his truck while he was doing a repair job at the house.  We never saw Moxie again, although we searched extensively.

The plumber did not remember seeing her, but we eventually made the comforting guess that she had climbed into his truck, and when the doors of it were next opened, jumped out and found a new life elsewhere.  It is still a mystery we puzzle over on occasion, and she is remembered with much affection and joy.  She was a wonderful companion who showered us with the abundance of enough. . .