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You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for photos, I’ve had too much fun with Zoë to even take out my camera!  She is growing, and talks a mile a minute and smiles, laughs, or grins almost constantly!  Suddie, her Mom, calls her the “Wal-Mart Greeter” because wherever she goes she says “Hi!” to everybody and waves, and keeps saying “Hi!” until you say it back.

It has turned out that so far, “Granny” is not a word she particularly cares about saying, but she calls me “NiNi.”  I love it, but as Ashley said from the very beginning, “She could call me Bozo, and I won’t care!”  She has taken to calling Ashley “DiDi,” at least for now.  She is trying to say “Granddaddy,”  But she ends up calling him either “DiDi” or “D-DaDa.”  Her vocabulary is actually extraordinary for a 19-month-old.  She has at least 60 words that we can identify.  The ones we can’t yet are a riot, because she chatters so much and so often – she is really communicating to her way of thinking, and I don’t disavow her of that notion!

Needless to say, we are having a wonderful time.  This is pure Monday Joy, and being Zoë’s NiNi is definitely one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Call me what you will, my dear
But when you call me, I will hear.
I’ll find my way to where you are –
Right next door or the farthest star.
No place you may go or be
Could ever be too far from me.

Zoë must have known that I needed an “N” for today!  So, at least for now, my Gentle Readers, you can call me NiNi.  That will always be enough. . .