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Wednesday on the Outer Banks.  Why must the days fly by?  Today you will get some pictures of the very best reason for visiting the beach – for us anyway!  But you will have to admit that just to cast your eyes on this beauty would make your day wherever you are!

Zoë is not only Pretty, she is Pfunny!  We are having so much Pfun!  She is a smiler, and a trickster, and a talker!  She wants your attention at all times, and if you turn away from her she calls out your name and says “Hi!”  She works her “Wal-Mart Greeter” job every waking moment. What a delight!


Pardon me while I rip out my hair. . .

OK.  Done with the hair-ripping, on to the screaming and swearing. . .OK.  I feel somewhat better.  Now I will explain.

There will be no more photos of our vacation posted this week.  I cannot find my CF card reader for my camera’s memory card.  So I cannot download the pictures from my camera.  I’ve got some great photos, too!  You will enjoy them, I am sure, but it will be Saturday or Sunday at the earliest before I will be posting any, because I am too cheap to buy another reader.  I have two at home, besides the one I cannot find here.  I am not blaming this on the ghost.  This one is on me. . .

So I will post a photo I’ve already downloaded from my camera, and it might even be one you have seen before, but I believe in truth in advertising, and since this is Wednesday’s Word and Picture, then by golly that’s what you are going to get!  Here is one of my favorite photos of Zoë, taken in February, before they moved back out here to the Outer Banks.  Bear with me, my Gentle Readers – photos from this visit are coming.  I wish you all, in the meantime, and always, enough. . .

Pretty as a Picture is my Zoë Alyson Calhoun