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Sunset on Roanoke Sound

Zoë at the beach, April 20, 2012

(wc 245)

An apology and an explanation.  We left the OBX yesterday (Friday), and drove about four hours to visit our friends, Harold and Betty, in Durham.  Harold had been one of Ashley’s professors while in college, and they have remained in contact.  They invited us to stay for the night, so we did!  They had Wi-Fi, and they knew that I wrote a blog, and that part of my evening would have to be spent at my laptop, preparing the “R” post for Friday.  Only one hitch:  I couldn’t sign on to his Wi-Fi!  Harold’s son had changed the Security Key, and had failed to give him the new alpha-numeric, so after several failed attempts with the older number, I gave up.  So, you will all get two posts tonight!  Lucky you!


With a kiss, embracing, filling my eyes
with the sight of you, I told you

Remembering every moment
shared, I content myself, knowing
I will return.

You will be different – older, taller,
even more your own. Each day moving
away, yet holding close.

I allow myself to believe you will
always keep a bit of this time, tucked
in your memory, awaiting my return.


We had a wonderful week – the very best birthday present I could have received.  The chance to visit with Joshua and have my birthday dinner with him and Sarah, and then the wonderful trip to the beach and of course, our Zoë.  I am blessed with the abundance of enough. . .