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(wc 340)

Earth Day and an Anniversary Wordle from The Sunday Whirl!  Lots of work to make this one worthy – or at least try to!

How to make a world

Begin in the abstract.
Grab yourself a large portion
of Nothing, mold into a sphere,
let it ferment for a few eons,
until you know the time is right.

Then, the big bang.
Let loose with the cacophony of
Something.  Leave nothing back.
All those ideas you had,
at the beginning.  Those things
you had shelved, go ahead and
dust them off.  You can always
change your mind.  Later.

You will especially enjoy
spangling the heavens with stars.
Don’t be stingy.  No need to measure
or count.  Get carried away.

Here comes the fun.  From the tiniest
to the largest, let there be life!
Let your imagination run wild.
Bring on the dear microbe, and
release the dinosaur and the dragon.

Take your ease.  Relax and revel
in everything.  The ethereal heavens,
The shimmy of the rain
down the glistening, green
origami trees.  Unhurried,
with love, search for a guardian;
or better – make your own.

Carefully instruct, stay awake.
Many guardians will stray
ahead of their needs.  Perhaps
it would be wise to re-shelve
some of those original ideas.

Be prepared for the aches,
that come to all who nurture,
and the exquisite pain of love
when the focus of your devotion
consorts with the careless.

Remember always:  You are Creator,
It will always be your world.
Let no one or nothing tell you otherwise.
Many will try.

You have written the symphony;
Every grace note and trill,
every flourish and drum roll.
As composer you will have no rival,
You will write the coda, and conduct
the da capo al fine.

The world belongs to you,
and all that dwells therein.


We are the guardians. Walk carefully, don’t run ahead of yourself. Take care of everything with love. What we ruin will not return as it was. Enjoy this creation. Love our planet. Happy Earth Day. There is enough for all if we consume wisely and with care. We have been blessed with enough. . .

For Sunday, for Earth Day – relax and listen: