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The wonderful and beautiful Canadian Province of Prince Edward Island (Map from homer.ca)

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Yes, my dear Gentle Readers, a fine citizen of Prince Edward Island, Canada has visited my blog!  Yippee!  Herewith my thanks to this wonderful and dare I say astute, intelligent and obviously well-read person.  Please come back!  This little ditty is for you!

Hail to You, Prince Edward island!
And all the people who inhabit you!
Hail as well to all flora and fauna,
and your myriad attractions that grab at you,
oh beauteous island!  Long have I dreamed
of a visit there.
I’ve heard that all is exquisite there,
but the miles between me and your beauty
number too many for me now.
Still, I shall make it my highest duty
to visit you, that is my solemn vow.

You deserve a far better poem of praise
than this inferior ditty;
but alas! I am far too tired right now,
so please – on me take pity!
Just rest assured that I shall try
to do a better job next time –
a poem that is worthy of you,
with a consistent meter and better rhyme.

If you don’t mind, I ask a favor:
Will you please help me in my quest
to get a visit from your sister province,
Newfoundland/Labrador, the last of the rest
of the 13 provinces of Canada
who have missed out reading my blog on
my longing for folks from all of Canada
to have pity on me and log on!

So there you have it, P.E.I.
My song of praise to you and the reader
who chanced upon my eclectic site –
I shall always be your cheerleader!


To the P.E. Islander who dropped by for a visit:  I do hope you enjoyed this hymn of praise to you and your island.  If and when I get some rest, perhaps I’ll come up with a better one, more fitting to you!  I really have wished to visit you – ever since reading “Ann of Green Gables” many, many years ago.  What really gets me is that I used to live in Vermont – but I never got the opportunity to travel up and over your way.

To the rest of my Gentle Readers: thank you for your continued loyalty.  Your visits and comments make every day richer.  I try to return the favor.  If I’ve missed you – give me time!  I’ll get to you – but next time you visit, leave a comment and let me know if I haven’t visited you lately or at all.  Then I’ll be sure to drop by your site a.s.a.p.! As always, I wish all of you the wonderful blessings of enough. . .