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This Undertaking Needs an Undertaker

I have been going over it for such a long, long time,
It’s time to navigate it in another, better way.
Up until this “U” day, it has been my choice to climb,
But now just going over it is thought très déclassé.

With a lot of ruminating and some oh-so-careful thought
I arrived at the decision to go under it.
Digging deep will be required to do it as I ought,
I’ve no desire to under-gird,  disturb, destroy, or plunder it.

Now that I’m going under it, perhaps I’ll underline them –
Those parts of it that, I confess, I’ve never understood.
It’s mean and underhanded of those who have designed them
The ones who undercut my understanding are no good.

So with my trusty ultra-fine-tipped, red-inked Sharpie marker,
I’ll undertake to underscore the things that undermine me.
And those I find most difficult I’ll underline much darker,
So I cannot overlook it. I’ve heard it works divinely –

In finally getting over or around it, going under it. By
Digging deep, I hope to find a better way to understand
Exactly what I’m writing now. So is it any wonder that my
Sharpie’s out of ink? My supply has fallen short of the demand!

Dear Gentle Readers, please excuse my muse’s poor attempt
To help me with the writing of a perfect poem for “U”‘s day.
Being under the weather, she thought she was exempt
But even sick, she is required to write on Muse Day Tuesday.


I’m not sick and tired – just tired.  Poly must be too, because this is as good as it gets today!  You are encouraged to laugh at it and me!  Some of those rhymes are a stretch but they were fun.  Believe it or not, this is my second effort for today, but the only one you will read.  I was underwhelmed by my first – which gives you an idea of how bad it was, especially as compared to the one you just read!  In any event, I’m pretty much done-in for now.  I’ve had enough. . .

Nothing to do with the letter “U” or Muse Day Tuesday – just one of my favorite songs – and favorite Aussies!