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(wc 284)

I have made a most grievous error. . .and for the life of me, I don’t know how I did it!  My regrets for the oversight are sincere and profound.  I have had four unique visitors from Newfoundland/Labrador (or so my Flag Counter stats say), and they have been around for a while!  So, I feel that all Newfoundlanders* and Labradoreans* deserve a Song of Praise to their combined province (unless you prefer first prize – which is that I refrain from such nonsense):

Oh Newfoundland!  Oh Labrador!
I sing a song to you!
I somehow overlooked your visits –
A mistake I greatly rue.
For you have been true-blue to me
And visited me quite often.
And none of your citizens complained.
A kind, warm act that served to soften

This hardest of hearts, and melt the ice –
(How do you drink iced tea in summer
Or skate on frozen ponds in winter?)
Now I shall march to a different drummer!
Photos and stories tell me it’s true
That your provinces are unsurpassed
In splendid scenery and lovely people.
Your beauty I have now broadcast!

I wonder how I could have missed
Your presence on RFACM?
I suspect the Northwest Territories
Tricked me so I’d make ’em
Out to be the innocent ones
Instead they are the laggards!
Now they alone shall bear the weight
Of being RFACM’s blackguards!


So, come on Northwest Territories!  Up until now you have been fluttering your eyelashes in innocence, but now your secret is out!  Come on over for a visit!  Just maybe I will write a hymn of praise to you. . .unless you prefer the first prize.  Most of you will feel that I have probably already done enough. . .

(*Or is that Newfoundlandians and Labradoreadors?)