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We’re approaching the finish line with the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.  This coming Monday features the letter “Z” and then we are done!  Not to get ahead of myself, however, today is for the letter “W.”  When I was in grade school we learned some elementary rules for writing informative articles, and those rules involved always including information in your article about the Five W’s.  Who, What, When, Where, & Why.

Do you know how many songs (that I was able to find listed – there are probably more) that begin with either Who, What, When, Where, or Why?  You will be delighted to know that I decided not to post them all for you because the number is at least 2,150!  Two thousand, one hundred and fifty!

So for today’s “W” post, I’m going to introduce you to five songs from each of the five words that you might find a little weird – because I certainly do!  If you know of some others, please add them to your comments!

WHO. . .

. . .Brings a Knife to a Gunfight?  – Recorded by Audio Karate
(Someone unprepared to fight with a gun.)

. . .Could Wind Rabbit?  – Recorded by Animal Collective
(If it’s the Energizer Bunny, you won’t need to wind him up, because he never runs out of energy.)

. . .Put the Alphabet in Alphabetical Order?  – Recorded by They Might Be Giants
(The people who invented the card catalog.)

. . .Said Whiskey Was Meant to Drink a Woman Away?  – Recorded by Jake Owen
(I have no idea, but it must have been a bartender trying to unload a lot of whiskey.)

. . .Wears These Shoes?  – Recorded by Elton John
(If you mean mine, the answer is I do.  Who else would want to?)

WHAT. . . 

. . .a Horrible Night to Have a Curse!  – Recorded by Above the Fire
(Is there a good night to have a curse?)

. . .Car?  – Recorded by Cliff Richard
(I guess, after a long day shopping at the mall, he is standing in a full parking lot trying to remember which car he drove and where he put it.)

. . .Do You Do When You’re Branded?  – Recorded by Busta Rhymes
(Say Ouch!)

. . .If The Hokey-Pokey Is All It Really Is About?  – Recorded by Carter & Connelly
(My question exactly!  I would imagine I would just shake it all about, and keep on shakin’!)

. . .Lurks on Channel X?  – Recorded by Rob Zombie
(I just hope it isn’t Rob Zombie.  That guy scares me.)

WHEN. . .

. . .Horsepower Meant What It Said  – Recorded by Sandi Thom
(You mean it doesn’t now?)

. . .I Get Home You’re So Dead.  – Recorded by Mayday Parade
(What parent has not uttered those words to their children who are squabbling in the back seat?)

. . .The Pin Hits the Shell.  – Recorded by Drive-By Truckers
(It took me a while to figure this one out, not being a gun enthusiast, but I suggest that the Drive-By Truckers give some advice to those guys who brought a knife to a gunfight.)

. . .You Don’t Control Your Government People Want To Kill You.  – Recorded by Anti Flag
(Unless you keep your homemade aluminum foil hat on at all times.)

. . .You’re in Prison.  – Recorded by The Offspring
(Is this song a list of instructions for a new prisoner, or a list of things you will do when someone else is in prison?  It makes a difference.)

WHERE. . .

. . .Would You Like Them Left?  – Recorded by Blaqk Audio
(In the dairy box on the back steps, or wherever you think is right.)

. . .Y’all At?  – Recorded by Nas
(Somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon Line.)

. . .You At?  – Recorded by Jennifer Hudson
(Somewhere in Philly or Brooklyn.)

. . .You Can’t Follow.  – Recorded by HorrorPops
(Good answer.  But it’s not like I’d want to be a roadie for HorrorPops, anyway.)

. . .Are My Panties?  – recorded by Outkast
(Depends on who’s asking.  Speaking for myself, most of mine are in the washing machine at the moment.)

WHY. . .

. . .Ask Why?  – Recorded by Tamia
(Because it was part of my blog post for “W” day.)

. . .Should the Devil Have All The Good Music?  – Recorded by Cliff Richard
(‘Cause he’s baaaaaad!)

. . .Don’t You Find Out For Yourself?  – Recorded by Morrissey
(You can look it up in the dictionary.  That’s good parenting!)

. . .Do We Need Fashion?  – Recorded by Eric Saade
(The question asked by those who disagree with Ben Harper – see below.)

. . .You Must Always Wear Black.  – Recorded by Ben Harper
(Because we all need fashion.)


So there you have just a few of the wonderful songs available out there in musicland. I will confess that I had not heard of a single one of them – actually, I’m sort of proud of that, I think!  Moreover, except for a few of the recording artists, I hadn’t heard of them either!  Hope the rest of your “W” day is fine – it is POURING rain here right now, which makes it a good day to write.  Enjoy the song below.  For “W,”  I’ve done enough. . .