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(wc 214)

I peeked out from under the covers
That I had pulled up over my face
To see if the dreaded word still hovers
Nearby, or has vanished in space.

It had to vacate sooner or later,
And at first I was in no hurry.
Ideas in my mental percolator
Were brewing well, I didn’t worry.

But now the time is ticking away,
And I have no “Y” post to share.
All of my clever ideas for today
Are gone, my mental cupboard is bare.

My “Y” post should be an easy one.
Plenty of good words start with it.
But my mind got stuck on a cheesy one,
And could not be made to part with it.

I’ve tried for a while to escape its use
But my mind is like cold spaghetti
Still that’s not an acceptable excuse –
Please forgive me! My “Y” word is Yeti.


I have but one word of consolation to offer you, my Gentle Readers.  The 26-part trial by fire is almost over. This is the next to last entry for the “April A to Z Blogging Challenge.”  The only letter remaining is “Z,” and you all know what that post will be already, don’t you?

I’ve enjoyed it all, but quite frankly, I’ve about had enough. . .