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Is it Bad, or just Impossible?

Sidey says the Weekend Theme is Impossible.  She might be right.  You be the judge.

(wc 206)

I was fishing for a rhyme for Saskatchewan
‘Cause I’d told Sandra, “I’ll try to catch you one,”
But now that I know the theme this weekend,
I fear my poetic art’s past peak, and
Climbing a mountain so colossible
Could be, for me, close to impossible!
My gift of rhyme is fast decaying
Just as my once-fair hair is graying.
This theme “Impossible” threw down the gauntlet
Planning to beat me and to flaunt! Let
it be known:  Though my skills are lagging
I’ll not tolerate such bragging.
And even though I’ve had no rest
My rhyming wit can pass the test.
I’m certain that no other writer
Could ever write a poem triter
Than any that my mind cranks out.
That’s the truth without a doubt.
But if my writing starts to slip,
Or my supposed-to-be unsinkable ship
Of clever rhymes, like the Titanic,
hits an iceberg, I’ll not panic.
Because I know there’ll always be
Another voyage on a different sea.

And though the going might be tough
And other oceans just as rough
I’ll keep on churning out this stuff
Until I feel I’ve done enough. . .


I hate this song, but in this case, it’s very appropriate: