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“And now, the end iz here,
and zo we faze thiz final curtain.
My friendz, I’ll zay it clear,
I’ll ztate my caze of which I’m zertain:

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Zip-a-dee-ah!”
My! Oh my! What a wonderful day!”

I know how depressed we all are over this final post of the “April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge.”  Try to console yourself – I certainly will.  Consolation will be easy!  I’ll just quit wracking my brain for daily, specific-letter posts!  And you won’t have to read them.  But cheer up – I’ll keep on writing bad poetry, and other stuff, occasionally throwing in something good, just to keep you off kilter.  No need to thank me.  On to the letter “Z:”

It should come as no surprise
That on today – the “Z” day,
That I would choose my Zoë’s photos
To put here on display.

You can have your zebras, zoos and zeroes,
Or most any “Z“-word you could mention,
In this world there’s no better “Z” than my Zoë!
A fact without contention!

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As the final “Z,” I have one more photo to show you.  I am revealing a bit of a family “secret” here, but if you really know us, this is no secret!  Our son Matt, Zoë’s dad, has been a prodigious and unashamed “farter” since boyhood.  Believe me, we did everything except stand on our heads and gargle peanut butter to break him of this habit – and we really considered doing that, but we weren’t convinced that it would work!  We just learned to vacate the room at the appropriate time, or roll down the car windows, depending on where we were at the time.

Anyway, Zoë has grown used to this quirk of her Daddy’s, and whenever he performs (no “finger-pulling” with Matt!), she responds with the following expression.  Hope it brings some Monday Joy to your day.  For me, it is enough. .

“Daddy! What you did!”

Here’s something you haven’t heard in a long time. . .