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Some of you might have noticed that I removed my two photo pages from this site.  They were in a very messy state, and I was frustrated with trying to post new ones, and had therefore slacked off in keeping up with my ever-increasing inventory of photos.

Therefore, in order to remedy that situation – for myself, if no one else – I have created a new blog site exclusively for my photos.  It is a site dedicated to following what I hope will be my (upward) progression in the skill and artistry of photography.  Clicking on the page title above this blog’s header:  “Reflected Glory – My Adventures in Photography” will take you to a page with the link to the site.  I’ll also give you the address here:


All visits are welcome and your comments appreciated.  Thank you for your support!  I continue to wish for all of you enough. . .

(Just so you’ll know it when you see it – here’s a screen shot of my new blog!)