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I am especially happy to be able to report to you the recovery of something that had been “lost.”  Well – maybe “borrowed” is a better word.

Several weeks ago, Ashley’s set of keys disappeared.  This was a MAJOR loss – as it included the car key, the house keys, our storage building keys, and his church key (and I do not mean can opener!).  Also on that keyring were the fairly easy-to-replace “store value cards.” Except that replacing them is very annoying!

I know I have written several times about our ghost.  I was not kidding or just speculating.  We definitely do have a ghost, and s/he has been responsible for borrowing, stealing, and changing some objects in our house since the beginning of 2012.  Links to those posts, for a bit of background, are here, here, here, and here.

On Friday afternoon we were discussing with an acquaintance a bone-chilling ghost-experience that she and her family had.  It was not frightening, but it was definitely shiver-inducing!  After hearing her tale, we told her about our ghost, and the missing items.  Since almost all the others have been recovered, we concentrated on Ashley’s car keys – and that we were still searching for them.

Later the same day, I was hanging up some items in our screened area of the “insomnia room,” which serves as that room’s closet.  It is located just next to the dresser/armoire.  After bending down to pick something up, I stood, and plainly visible there, on a decorative box atop the armoire, were Ashley’s keys.  To say that the house had been turned upside down – several times – searching for the keys is a huge understatement.  We had about given up, figuring that we would probably find them when we sold the house and moved out.

Ashley uses the “closet” of the insomnia room for some of his clothing items, and often upon returning from church will hang up the jacket he wore that day in that closet.  Precisely because of that fact, we had carefully searched that particular area because our first thought upon losing them was that his keys were either in his coat pocket or he had dropped them, or laid them down on the dresser.  Believe me, the area had been thoroughly searched.

Ashley was downstairs when I discovered the keys, and I don’t believe that I have ever gotten down our staircase quite as fast before.  Holding them behind my back I told him, “Guess what I have?”  He knew immediately. His face became the definition of astonishment and joy as I handed the keys over.

We decided that our ghost didn’t want her/his exploits discussed with complete strangers, so s/he decided to return the keys to us.  Our recent discussion had been the last straw for our resident ghost.

Here’s an interesting footnote to the whole saga:  When we had the new key for the car made (of necessity, obviously), it had cost us almost $150 – and that key did not include the “smart buttons” that remotely locked/unlocked the doors.  That would have cost us considerably more, so we went the less expensive route and got the regular key.  We were told that should our keys be recovered we would have to have them reprogrammed (again at considerable expense), because the recent reprogramming rendered the old keys obsolete.

When the keys were found, Ashley called the dealership to find out the exact costs of having the keys reprogrammed.  We were told that if we did not wish to use the smart buttons, there was a way of doing it ourselves that involved a maneuver using the new key, starting the car’s battery, leaving it on for about 10 seconds, and then doing the same with the old key.

Our ghost is a car mechanic as well, because the smart buttons still work on the car.  S/he must have felt guilty for costing us so much money, and decided to save us the additional expense.

So, you can count this day as a joyful one.  We’ve been joyful all weekend!  But the mystery still continues.  We started to second-guess ourselves:  Had we really searched that area? Were we just reluctant to admit that we were growing blind as well as old?  I am quite certain that the answer to both those questions is an emphatic “NO!”  Mainly because earlier last week I had spent time working near the dresser, and searching under it for some papers I had dropped.  I know the keys were not there before Friday afternoon.

The world never ceases to amaze me.  There are so many wonders, and a multitude of things to wonder about.  Who could ever be bored?  All you have to do is spend some time considering the “Case of the Mysterious Happenings at Chez Calhoun.”  Just to get you started, that ought to be enough. . . 

“Eureka! Eureka! I’ve found it! I’ve found it!”