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I’ve been playing solitaire Scrabble (me against the computer) for quite a while now, and enjoy it immensely.  I play it on my Kindle Fire, so that wonderful invention of the 21st century goes to bed with me each night. I could now make a lot of slightly off-color jokes about that, but I won’t. Lucky you.  Besides, you can make up your own.

For some reason or other, the tiles have worked out lately to leave me with either two or three tiles at the near-end of the game.  I have been on a constant search for three-letter words.  I really try to explain to my opponent that what I have come up with is a word:  for instance if B-I-X is not a word, it should be.  The dang thing won’t let me use it!  And I had it on a triple word score!  Oh well, life goes on.  Therefore, I present to you in poetic form some useful three-letter words for your next game of Scrabble.

Make your boots out of some zug
Then store them in a vug,
And listen for the lovely jug
Especially when the night is fug.

When you feel a yen to eat a cep
When watching your stew yew,
Make sure do not miss the kep
When you see it falling to you.

Use some bee to make a cog
Then cover it with cloth of high tog
Otherwise your hold will ret
And you’ll end up with a load of ket.

Should you allow your herd of zho
to roam upon the ped,
Then keep on hand a lot of tow
To drive away the dreaded ked.

I’m off on a gad to the local yam
Iff I can venerate its lar.
I’ll challenge it to a game of pam,
And should I lose, I’ll shout a gar.
I’ll offer him an ort of dal in a dop,
And when he starts to yex
I’ll hurry to the nearest kop
Where ure says grows his receptacle tex.

I’ll let you look those bold words up yourself.  They are used in a way that alludes to their meaning, but when you look up the words, make sure you scan to the last definition.  The definitions are either very obscure or now obsolete – in other words, use the OED.  And good luck on your next game of scrabble.

Whoops!  This post demands a picture, doesn’t it?  I’ll give you a hint to one of the words – I just won’t tell you which one.


My thanks to Phrontistery.  And I wish all of you, my Gentle Readers, enough. . .