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Hubs and I just returned this evening from our weekend away.  I took my Sonya with me, but I made the decision not to post.  Thought I’d give us both a break!  We spent our weekend in Oxford, Georgia.  Ashley was part of the “Four Year Program” at “Oxford at Emory College.”  You see, my husband never graduated from high school!  He went to Oxford and completed the last two years of high school and the first two years of college in three years.  Seems to me they should have called it the “Three Year Program,” but they didn’t ask me, so, what can you do?  Fifty years ago this spring, Ashley graduated from that program, and went on to complete his Bachelor’s Degree at Emory University in Atlanta.  This was the Big Reunion Weekend – the BIG 5-0 – the year that Ashley M. Calhoun and his classmates now living, were inducted into the “Corpus Cordis Aureum,” (the Golden Heart Corps), donned the Golden Robes, and marched along with the Class of 2012 to their commencement.  It sounds a little hokey, I know, but it was actually quite a beautiful ceremony.

Many of his classmates – and spouses –  were able to attend the reunion festivities which began Friday afternoon. The grads “reun-ed” and the spouses dove right in and listened and enjoyed watching their enjoyment.  Of course a few cracks were made behind their backs too, but we also had to get in a bit of fun! There were a few people I remembered from the 25th reunion which I also attended.  The ones I had never met were folks I had heard about all throughout our 37 years together, so no one seemed like a stranger.  It was a wonderful weekend, and as we parted after attending church this morning, we felt satisfied that it had lasted just long enough.  Ashley was on the planning committee, which is one of the reasons it all came off beautifully, and without a single hitch.

I’ll share with you some photos from the weekend.  The first one is of Ashley in his Golden Robe. The others are “group shots.”  See if you can pick him out!

Perhaps later I’ll tell you more about the gathering, but for now, this is enough. .


P.S.  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!  I hope that all mothers – those that gave us birth and/or raised us, and our spiritual mothers – had a wonderful day.  God bless all of our mothers – wherever they may be!