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I don’t mean that finding joy to tell you about today is a challenge – but figuring out how to express it while combining two prompts is another story! Since I didn’t post over this past weekend, I am going to try to combine Wordle #56 and Sidey’s Weekend Theme of “Hugs and Kisses.”

The Expedition

There were demons poking, prodding me,
uttering a string of vile oaths, stoking my anger –
all the weapons of their intentions, attempting to block
my determination to scale the mountain, rising
above my captivity. I must make my visit, in humble submission,
to the goddess who reigns over the healing tools
of unconditional love.  It is there alone that I must raise,
in my deepest pain, the white flags of surrender and truce
with all whom I accuse, all who have so offended me.

Against the odds for my failure, bets made
on my well-known stubborn refusal to relent,
I reached the summit.  I saw her there, the sacred deity,
shaking her head at me, but smiling.
She took my hand, led me through the verdant
land that was her home.  With patience she taught me
the significance of each forever-blooming plant,
all the beauty indigenous to her home,
all that I longed to make native to my own.
She anointed me with fragrant nectar,
extracted from the flowers, and the rituals of letting go,
for my sake and for others’,
were made known to me.

I learned, that taking upon myself
the humility I thought impossible
for my injured heart was not elaborate.  Lifting
my arms, opening my tightly closed fists,
I knew, at last, freedom from my self-inflicted pain.
And with my willing offerings –
the warm hug of forgiveness,
the simple kiss of peace,
the goddess found another home in me.


And having such a well-occupied heart is the definition of joy for any day!  I wish you all, my Gentle Readers, the joys of forgiveness, peace, unconditional love – and of all of them, enough. . .