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When yesterday becomes today

(wc 284)

Poly wrote a song for me.  She reached into my heart, and brought out a handful of feelings that I and others experienced this past weekend at Ashley’s 50th Reunion.  The song has a melody as well as these lyrics, so when I’m able to get it added here, I will.  Anyway, the tune is mine, but these words are Poly’s, and today is, after all, Muse Day!

Yesterday Becomes Today

There’s many a path to follow on this journey,
Each of us has come a different way;
But when I saw your face,
as we gathered in this place,
I knew I had arrived,
when I felt yesterday become today.

Years have gone by since I last saw you,
But memory blurs the lines, or so they say;
You all look the same to me,
You are who I’ve longed to see,
And we have so much to share
Before today becomes a yesterday.

Perhaps we’ll not be here again together
We never know what life will bring our way;
So let it not be said
We threw this time away. Instead
Let us be known as ones
Who made our yesterdays become today.

So let’s pretend today will be forever,
Even though we know we cannot stay;
Too soon we’ll say good-bye,
And then we’ll wonder why
We waited for so long
To feel our yesterdays become today.


I’m still feeling wistful and sentimental about our weekend at Ashley’s reunion.   I guess Poly picked up on that; forgive her for indulging me! I continue to be grateful for all of you, my Gentle Readers, and I wish you all the blessings of enough. . .