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Today I make it (sort of) short and sweet.  Too much to do.  Too many promises made and yet to be fulfilled. Too many projects W-A-A-A-Y overdue.  So much to say, so little time to write. Life can be exhausting sometimes.

I have this dream of being able to sit with Sonya, and just write, and write, and write. NO telephone, NO prior engagements, NO meetings, and most longed for of all – NO E-MAILS!  I have come to hate them – even though I love the people who send me the personal ones. I really am grateful for the technology that makes them possible.  It’s just that I selfishly want them only when I want them, when I’m ready to give them the time they deserve and/or warrant. But I am keenly aware that if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.  Hi-Ho Silver!  Away!!!

Having read what I just wrote, do you think maybe I’m tired?

I want to be able to be here with Sonya, and be connected by mental telepathy with all my friends and family so that I can speak with them any time I feel like it, and the phone would not ring, scaring me half to death, and jarring my thoughts right out of my head. The phone always seems to ring in the middle of writing a crucial phrase, and when I am searching for just the exact word or phrase.

Please take this sorry post as a temporary complaint.  Tomorrow I’ll be in a more appropriate mood – one that suits what I believe about life and the God I love.  I embroidered a little plaque for Hubs shortly after we were married.  It had on it a little cowgirl with a mischievous look on her face, and the caption was:

“Please be patient.  God isn’t finished with me yet!”

As I asked it of him, I ask it of you.  I might not be posting much for a while, but then again, usually when I make predictions like that, I end up posting even more frequently than I usually do. Your kind indulgence of my rambling style, my sometimes off-beat, sometimes corny, and sometimes completely incomprehensible humor is greatly appreciated.  You are all so kind to me, and I love reading your comments.  Even more than that I love reading your blogs.  What a great community we have here in our corner of the blogosphere!

BTW, don’t take my complaint about the volume of e-mails and correspondence I receive as one directed at any of you.  Quite frankly, it’s your missives that I look for when I finally open any of my three e-mail addresses.  (BTW, I have reached a new high for unread e-mails in one of my boxes:  27.036. One of the projects I am behind on is scanning through all of them and finding out what I can safely trash, and then having myself a big e-mail dumping party!  I’ll let you know when that is.  You are all invited.)

Since I usually have a picture on Wednesday, I’ll close this shameful post with some photos I took today.  They cheer me up a little.  Nothing like a wild iris to brighten your day!  May all of you be as blessed as I am with the abundance of enough. . .

The beautiful sunset we saw as we left choir rehearsal at church this evening.

*(Pardon my “French,” but this is an acronym I devised for myself, to remind me when my whining gets a little bit too annoying – even for me!  It is “Bitch, Moan, and Complain!”)