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(Take Note:  wc 140)

I got the great comment yesterday on my (sort of) short and sweet post of BMC.  She said, and I quote,”That’s the longest short post I’ve ever read.”  To which she added the ubiquitous “smiley!”

Since I came in at under 600 words, I figured that was pretty darn short – even if the message wasn’t so sweet.  However, in an effort to appease one of my most loyal readers and favorite bloggers, I present her with a truly SHORT post:

“Some days are cloudier than others.”  Today was cloudy, but the sun peaked through occasionally.  I didn’t start blogging until 9:55 p.m.  And I’m finishing it in time to watch the “Frasier” reruns on the Hallmark channel.  I am OK.  Still tired, but less pissed – the phone only interrupted my other writing projects 9 times.  Beats the 16 of yesterday.

My Gentle Readers. . .enough. . .