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Sidey’s Weekend Theme is “Something Old, Something New.”  Not exactly sure what I will contribute to this theme, so let’s find out together, shall we?

I folded with care, and neatly tucked
The sky-blue handkerchief, into his breast pocket.
It matched the perfect blue of his eyes.

He stood patiently impatient, waiting as any groom;
Asking, “was this the time, the place, the love, the reason?”
What I have to offer are borrowed answers,
from another time when I asked the same of another.

Yet some answers are my own, but I hesitate,
stumbling over words I know in my heart, but
will not easily pour from my lips. “Do you trust
yourself?  Do you trust what you feel? Do you
believe what you have promised?

“Are you free to grieve in the presence of this very one
you love? What colors will bind you?  What colors will
separate?  Do you breathe in unison, even as you disagree?”

“Yes” might be your answer.  But the answer is not
always known before the vow is made.
Prepare to learn the answers; learn to bend what you desire
around your lover’s own and newly shaped.

You have within you the power to create
the beautiful new to weave among the treasured old.
If you have felt within the whispered “No,” there is
no shame.  There are shades of blue that shimmer
with your answer, mixing sorrow with relief.

But you know, even before you spoke your fears
The answer you will give.  Turning to face
your beloved, I reach to stop you, make you sit.
“Take off your right shoe; there is one more thing you need.”
I open my fist and show him what was my treasure –
given freely, not borrowed.  In the heel of his shoe
I place a penny; once shiny yet now tarnished with time,
upon it and within it all my hopes and dreams.

The hopes and dreams will become yours.
Your life, the life you have melded with another. You
will find that a life joined with another can be borrowed,
blue, and tarnished.

It can all be held together as your own creation –
Yours and your lover’s, something treasured and old,
something gloriously new. Your affirmation awaits.