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I meant to tell you last week that for Mother’s Day I received cards from my three sons and their partners.  I have always asked my husband to never remind them that Mother’s Day is coming because I want them to remember on their own – and they always have.  (Sometimes a day late, but no matter!  As far as being a mother goes, I have the best of all worlds:  I am mother to three fine sons, three wonderful “in-loves” and a beautiful granddaughter, so every day is Mother’s Day for me.)

I want to share with you a special joy I have that I can gaze upon each morning I awake or just get on with the day – whichever happens.  So my Monday joy is the beautiful photos I received, and a sharing of some of the verses printed on the cards as well.  Life is JOY – every day.  I state that unequivocally, because even at my saddest or when I am depressed, I know that I have joy within me that cannot be taken away.

Dad, Zoë in her Easter dress, and Suddie

“Aren’t I pretty?”

“See what I found?”

Daddy and Zoë and the beach

To be remembered with love is the essence of joy.

To be so lifted up on a day when I am low has added happiness to the joy of this Monday, and it is enough. . .