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An Explanation

Twenty months, plus nine, ago
I was struck with an incurable affliction
Each day I experience numerous attacks
Of this constant, abiding addiction.

It’s nothing I’m ashamed of
And most of you already know
But the support group that I’ve entered
Requires me to tell you so.

I don’t believe my regular readers
Will be surprised at my confession
You’ve read about it all ad nauseam –
Writing about it is my newest profession.

My affliction, illness, or disease
Whatever you wish to call it
Inflicts no pain or hardship, so
There’s no reason to forestall it.

Call me silly, crazy, or insufferable
Those names are often a perfect fit
When I hear her voice or see her smile
I’m a goner, I proudly admit.

I am  the luckiest grandmother
Who ever walked the face of the earth
My case of unending pride and joy
Began when I learned of the coming birth.

So I ask that you not be concerned for me!
Put up with the fact and rest assured
As a member of this 12-step group
Even if I could be, I don’t want to be cured.

I am a proud card-carrying member
Of the group known as “GA”
My membership in Grandparents Anonymous
Became official on Zoë’s birthday.


Grandchildren, I’ve decided, are people of whom I’ll never get enough. . .