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(wc 215)


No still small voice today!
A roar that filled the room,
spilled into the square.
Another burning, a conflagration
of the soul.
All who did not stop their ears,
All who did not run away
Were set on fire, flames rising.
Shouting above the thunder, their voices
“We are not consumed!
We are alive!”

More than alive, and so to die;
More than fire, that consumes all to ash;
More than the thundering wind
of a fearsome storm on the sea;
More than the earthquake
that tore the Temple curtain.
This was the beginning,
The Re-Creation
It began with those who did not turn away
It filled the hearts of all who humbly asked.

The ways of God can never be defined
Nor boxed in by our limited imaginations.
God will always be the still small voice
God will be in the thunder
The earthquake, wind, and yes
The Holy Fire.

For God will always be creating
God will always be speaking
Always calling, beckoning, whispering,
Shouting, reaching out, and
Never letting go.

God will always be starting Fires.


I pray for you all to have open hearts, open minds, and willing spirits to do good, to set the world on fire with the unquenchable flames of God’s Love.  That will surely be enough. . .