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I’m busy doing nothing, and the old clock on the wall says if I don’t give you some joy or at least a little laugh soon, then the time for Monday Joy will be gone.  I have elected to entertain you with a cartoon that certainly has brought me some laughs and I hope it does for you all too.  Hope your day was great.  Mine WAS only semi-zombie- like (yay!) because I was actually able to read three pages in succession and remember what I had read! (And I only cried once really hard when I got blindsided by an ad for the ASPCA – guaranteed to make anyone cry, and if there is someone who doesn’t cry while watching those ads, I worry about them, which makes me cry harder.) But, I’ll take progress in whatever form I find it!

So please enjoy your life today – I hope for those purposes, this is enough. . .

I have been made aware of the fact that the captions might be hard to decipher for some of you, so I will give them to you here, going in sequence from 1 to 7 (as I have numbered them):

1.  “‘Hi! I’m Patty. Some health food nuts say Lucky Cow food ‘makes people fat,’ and ‘is a leading cause of coronary heart disease.'”

2.  “Some even want to make it against the law to sell fast food!”

3.  “Well, that would just force people to get their fast food ILLEGALLY!”

4.  “You want fries with that?”

5.  “Potatoes?  Lard?  Ketchup? That’s fast food paraphernalia, boy”!

6.  (Knock-knock! )”Son! What’s that smell?  What are you doing in there?”
“Quick, Dude! Wipe up the grease!”

7.  “If we outlaw fries, only outlaws will have fries.”