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I was a bit surprised at this weekend’s theme.  It’s a bit different from our mysterious blogger’s usual challenge. (I have never seen any side of Ms. View From the Side, so she remains a mystery to me.  I’m even making the assumption that s/he is a she.  Ah!  The comfort of anonymity!)

So here’s this weekend’s theme:  “A bicycle made for twoor one,” and my attempt at a response, entitled:

For You, Daisy
© Paula Tohline Calhoun 2012

Since I am only half-crazy in love
I’m considering my options, my dear
So I’ve had this bicycle made to order
My specifications were made quite clear.

I made certain the sprocket attached to the socket
will be versatile, according to whim.
So you’ll have a choice between pedaling for one –
a Her; or for two, a Her and a Him.

(I guess that you could also choose
rather than pedaling alone as a Her,
To bring along with you one of your Her-friends,
Or loan it to the one or two Hims you prefer.)

But I will not quibble, whatever your choice –
since I am not all the way in, at least yet.
How solid the ground of my love for you, dear,
is unknown, and like freshly made Jell-O, not set.

So here is your present, my Daisy, my dear,
how you use it, remember, is your decision.
I may be half-sane, but I’m also half-crazy –
what I’ll do when you answer, even I can’t envision!

So answer this question, right now, that I pose:
Will us two become one in fair and foul weather
forever, or part, as one Him and one Her?
I still have to put this darn thing together!

Here are my sprocket and socket wrenches –
tell me just how I should use them:
Two seats make us One, and One makes us Two:
One leads to marriage, the other to mayhem!


Even I can’t believe I wrote this one.  Perhaps I’ll become anonymous too! Or is it too late for that, for me?  I think I’ve written too much junk, instead of enough. . .