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by James Stevenson, Cartoonist

Don’t ever wait on me to bring you any joy – on Mondays or any days! If I’m not here, I’m probably off making some for myself!  Maybe you can get a laugh from this “altered” cartoon (by the great James Stevenson of New Yorker fame). The original caption on the sign the husband is reading says, “Please wait to be seated.”

I am busy writing, rather, working on a big pot of blog stew that has been simmering on my mind-stove recently.  It still needs to cook a while longer, and maybe an adjustment of the seasoning.  If I don’t post tomorrow, you’ll know that I had to flush the original stew down the toilet and start all over again, after a quick run to the idea store to pick up some new and improved ingredients. But –

I expect to see you all tomorrow at some point during the day – until then, I wanted to let you know, since I also did not post yesterday, that I am OK, and that I hope this brief notice is enough. . .