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. . .because I’m baaaaack!  For this evening, anyway!  One never knows what tomorrow will bring!

I was over on another writer’s site, called the Writer’s Digest.  Lots of great tips and today I learned about a poetic form that is brand new to me, but apparently an ancient form, though it is Vietnamese.  It’s called “Luc Bat,” and here is a bit of the article by the writer of the blog, “Poetic Asides,” by Robert Lee Brewer:

“The luc bat is a Vietnamese poetic form that means “six-eight.” In fact, the poem consists of alternating lines of six and eight syllables. This poem is interesting in its rhyme scheme that renews at the end of every eight-syllable line and rhymes on the sixth syllable of both lines.

Here’s a diagram of how the first few lines of luc bat poems should rhyme:


And so on. Luc bat poems have no set length or subject matter, and some run on for thousands of lines.

Here’s my attempt at a luc bat poem:


Sometimes, I’d rather start
close to the middle part of love
after the stars above
but before crying doves fly off
in a Boris Karloff
and David Hasselhoff type way
near the end of a play
about a rainy day gone bad–
the end is always sad
with someone being had–you know,
a medias res show.”


So you all know I had to try it, right?  Here it is, and the title is also the directions for this  luc bat poem:

Kill it before it multiplies”

Writing good poetry
has always challenged me to think,
to empty out my sink
of clichéd rhymes that stink and reek,
with dated language. Weak
metered verse does not speak, nor sing.
Strong poems make bells ring.
This verse hurts like the sting of bees
It brings me to my knees
To ask forgiveness, please of those
Who found thorns but no rose.


Aren’t you glad I didn’t go on for thousands of lines?  Ask Nancy Hatch (at Spirit Lights the Way)!  She’ll tell you that if I had written that many, I would have posted every single one. . .and then wonder why nobody read it!  😀  I think, however, that this is enough. . .

(P.S.  Why don’t some of you, my Gentle Readers, give luc bat a try?)