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Next time you get that “freebie” music download, make sure you are considering all of the moral implications involved.  This article, though quite long is very much worth reading.  I do not believe the idea that everyone who downloads a song or two for free is  somehow out to screw the artist – but in effect, that is exactly what you are doing.

In light of WordPress recently offering an easy way to share music via “Spotify,” I must say I was more than a little upset to find that WP had done this without fully researching (I hope that was the reason) this offer and its implications.  If they did this knowingly, shame on them! They will hear from me soon.  If you downloaded it, uninstall.  I have.

This article was sent to me via FaceBook by my cousin, a very fine musician, who lives in Nashville, TN.

Please read!

Letter to Emily White at NPR All Songs Considered..