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photo from calorielab.com, by Leap Kye/Flickr This is not my writer’s den, but it is a fairly close approximation. . fan and all!

(wc 178)

This room is a mess, we have a guest coming
to stay overnight, I better get humming.
I know well how much it needs a good cleaning,
And my mirror tells me that I need a good preening.

Of course all the work could have been done earlier,
I could have spent time then to make my hair curlier,
But as a loyal blogger, I feel my writer’s den can wait –
I have to finish this blog poem, I don’t want to post it late.

But now that I’ve written those two rotten verses
I think I will quit, and do housework, “Curses!”
If house cleaners’ prices weren’t so awfully steep
I’d pay them to do it, then I’d try to sleep.

I wonder why I call Thursday’s posts “Theme-less Thursday?”  Perhaps “Brain-less Thursday” would be more appropriate.  Housekeeping does that to me.  So long. Have a great day. I’ve got housework to do, dinner to shop for and make, some preening, and maybe a “lie-down” before 6 p.m. What do you think? Have I left myself time enough. . .?