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Say!  Here is what I thought was a fine idea!  Take a brief “hiatus” from your blog and get some other writing things done!  The readers will enjoy (and deserve) the break, and you will get the time to really make strides on your book and poetry collection.

NOT!!!  (Well, almost not!  You folks have enjoyed your break, haven’t you?)

The scientific “axiom” about vacuums holds true.  None truly exist, and even if one did, nothing would develop in it! And even, despite all advice otherwise, if you try to create one, it will rapidly be filled – before you can say “Jack Robinson.”

The vacuüm I tried to create filled alright – you see I really wanted that – but I wanted to be the one who filled it!  Doesn’t work that way.

Two-plus weeks later, and not one word added to the book, not one “substantive” poetry-related communication has been made with my poetry collection collaborator (all my fault, entirely!), and maybe only two (new) poems written.  What a bust, writing-wise.  As a matter of fact, except for some photography work (and scaled down for me, at that!), writing this post – this very set of words that you are reading now is the most words I have strung together in one sitting in the entire time I have been away!.

I have been busy, but I won’t go into detail – mainly because I have been “kidnapped” by one of our sons and carried away for a few days to Knoxville (and he will soon be flying me up to Chicago to spend a few days with him as well!) – and I am enjoying some catch-up time with him and his partner, Dusty.   Ashley and I had some last-minute details to complete before the first performance of his presentation on Bishop Lambuth and Dr. Gilbert (that was Tuesday night, and went very well), plus cook for and entertain two wonderful men who were here as two of the performers of the presentation.

There were a ton of other things always bubbling beneath the surface that needed to be done.  So coming to Knoxville this week (Adam’s 34th birthday is this Saturday) has rewarded me with some time to actually write for you this wonderful, informative post!

It seems I only owe you two more things at the moment – a poem and some photos:

Some damselflies, in brown and blue,
Some day lilies of orange hue,
(kissed with glistening rain-drop dew),
That’s all, for now, I can do for you.

There won’t be much more from me for a while (at least on RFACM – check out my photo blog – I will be putting things up there more regularly than here), so I certainly hope it is enough. . .