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I’m a week late with this Wordle (#68) – and I will try to catch up with #69 a bit later this week.  The words for this one were obviously sea-minded, and I could not help but use those  allusions, except I added what might be considered a twist when I decided to relate my journey on the sea to some of the rough seas I traversed while fighting a disease that did its best to kill me.

The Sunday Whirl for August 5, 2012


Rough Waters

For some days, I felt it sinking. Sensed,
before I knew, that my link with life was eroding.
That strength upon which I had depended,
stored within the marrow of my bones
was washed out, leaving little trace behind, only
the barest shiver of a wake to lead me back
to a safe port, a healing harbor. At last too tired to follow,
I watched the ripples fade. It was no longer
in me to navigate through this relentless storm,
that day by day surged over my ravaged body
and dwindling resolve.

The pitch and yaw of my weathered craft
battled with the mounting waves,
as unpredictable as any microbe that
attacked my aching body, whittling away
at my strength, at my anchor of calm -.
that once-solid faith that had been my link
to survival, the rail at my back.
The deck of my sinking ship, awash
from bow to stern, splintered and sank
beneath me. When all I had stood upon
was gone, I gave into despair – yet
in despair I found there a shining, saving grace;
The nascent seed of hope nestled within,
and as I drifted deep inside, I felt one steady hand
reach down, and in his grasp, with but a word,
the sea was calmed.


To all my Gentle, Patient Readers, I wish you the abundance of enough. . .