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The brooding, lurking musician who lives inside me could not let this theme go, so I give you this (perhaps) redoubtable poem and tell you of the tune I wrote.  You’ll have to come and visit me if you ever wish to hear it.  Consider yourself fortunate or deprived, depending on your musical tastes!


Melody in Skeleton Key

In C major, or A minor, and no time signature,
without more noted on the staff, one cannot be sure
of the artful key-notes in the bar, where
“every good boy does fine” indeed, there.
As every note has its rightful place
I search to find some tuneful grace.
Is there a rhythm in the line that tells me
intention forged each mystery key?
Ones that open magic doors
that lead to long-lost music scores?
Perhaps the keys are but design,
denoting no melodic line,
but simply to delight the eye
with nothing to exemplify
a song, except for me who must
finish this odd-ball tune or bust.

So I did indeed complete the tune,
a lilting melody that I croon.
Few, if any, will hear it, though –
my song without words, sung adagio.


Surely for this mystery theme provided by Sidey, I’ve done enough. . .