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(To hear the poem read, and accompanied by music, a slide-show video is attached below.)

The Seven Wonders of My World

Were there only seven wonders centuries ago?
Who decided that?  Who made the determination?
From what I’ve read of history, seven seems too low
a number considering the vastness of creation.
There were wondrous things built from the labor of many human hands:
a lighthouse, a statue,  the Colossus, a tomb, a temple, gardens, a pyramid.
Yet of those, only Giza’s great polygon – time-scarred and eroded – still stands.
The rest is now dust, known only through history. Among these, amid
all lists of seven, I find not one single mention
of what I’d include in my numbered list.  I wonder why that is so?
No matter! For all who hear or read this poem, it is my intention
to tell you (because Sidey asked) the things of my world, àpropos
to this weekend theme of hers, seven things I call a wonder:

Of all that’s man-made, there are many things which I think fascinating,
but none of them invoke my endless awe like these:   the thunder
and lightning, the sky with its stars, sun’s light and shadow illuminating,
new to full, the moon as it sails through the darkness of night. Yet
that’s not seven!  What of the rest?  What remains, the most wondrous of all:

The gift that is given to all who receive – God’s Grace, once for all, infinite –
Even more, to know I am loved without measure in spite of how often I fall.
What else could there be,
more precious to me?
God’s Love – the Gift incomparable.
To be made in the image of the Maker of all,
Without limits, eternal, unconquerable.


I wish all of you,, my Gentle Readers, the blessings of enough. . .