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Sidey’s Weekend Theme? – Education!

Well, who’d-a thunk? (Jus’ showin’ off my good English!)

I refuse to be serious about this one, because if I decided to post about it, you, my Gentle Readers, would probably never forgive me.  My readership would plunge even further than it has already.  The reason?  I could and probably would, go on forever.  ‘Nuf said.  On to the lousy poetry.  (Yes it’s lousy, but at least it’s short.)

The Product of My Education

I got bored of education
Those efforts for my edification
Resulted in emulsification
Of my mind.

Why know bats use echolocation?
And why learn eels use electrification
To insure their enemy’s eradication?
What a grind!

So please don’t try an evocation,
For I say without equivocation,
You’ll suffer excommunication!
Be resigned.

(I won’t attempt an amplification
of my mental bifurcation –
But to prove it, I have certification


Hope that’s enough. . .