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Sidey’s Weekend Theme – “Starry Night,” fits in perfectly with this week’s Wordle #76 (from the Sunday Whirl).  Of course, I thought last week’s would mesh well too, but you notice I didn’t post anything for last week’s Wordle or weekend theme!  Best laid plans.  That effort is about 75% finished, and a living, breathing disaster that I am tempted not to complete – however, for the sake of discipline, I probably will and then subject you to that punishment.  But, until then, here is this week’s work:

Past All Understanding

I have stood beneath these stars before.
I have uttered the same pleas into the dark,
breathing out my prayers,
inhaling the sweet fragrance
of the holy incense of your mercy.

I am worn down again by the weight
of self-doubt and false pride –
holding aloft the banner of my transgressions
that flaps in the hot wind of separation.

Some self-begotten creature scurries
through my soul, and sin by sin,
stone by stone, day by day
it builds a dividing wall.

Yet your perfect love
casts out my fear. The water
of forgiveness washes over me,
empties my spirit of the refuse
of ambivalence and apathy.

Dazed by your eternal love
Saved by your amazing grace,
here in the tenderness of a starry night
the wall tumbles down.