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A funny thing happened on my way to blog –
I got all the way to my desk,
And then sat there like a bump on a log
More grote- than humor-esque.

There must be lots to write about,
And lots of rhymes to write them with,
But I didn’t want to fight it out
With Poly – my erstwhile muse/wordsmith.

She has been so cantankerous of late,
(She says she’s giving me a break),
But I think she wants to abdicate –
‘Cause all she does is bellyache.

But I’m giving her just one last chance
To prove to me she’s able
To write whatever the circumstance
That puts me under the table.

So, really, it’s not so funny
This predicament I’m in –
I’m running out of honey
To catch her verbal flies in.


That’s all folks. . .Except for this photo I captured yesterday.  Thank goodness Poly has no hand in the photography portion of my life. Even so, I’ve had enough. . .