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Of course, now that I think about it, blogs such as mine are completely self-serving already!  Anyway – on with my news. . . drum roll please!

I just had my fourth poem accepted for publication at “Poetry Breakfast.” It will appear in the October 15th edition. It is entitled “Tattered Wings.”

Also, another poem of mine was published on October 6th in “Journeyzine,” a Christian on-line ‘zine. The poem is entitled “Pentecost.”

Slowly but surely my portfolio is building. Some day I might actually turn a buck! (Good thing I’m not in it for the money! LOL!)

A few personal reflections on my so-called “success:”

I most definitely am very pleased with being “published,” no matter how obscurely. I also feel very fortunate in that I have never written a single word with any ideas or plans that I would earn money at it. I write to get my thoughts and ideas on paper and/or screen, and I write that I might interact with others, with readers who are willing to take the time to consider my thoughts and work. It is the ultimate satisfaction for me to know that people have any feelings at all about what I write! Whether they hate it, love, it, find it irrelevant, overly wordy (they often do! LOL!), or a total mystery, I am “tickled,” not just pink, but bright red – in the best sense. Just think! How many people can say that what they have written has been contemplated by others, (many that  I will never know), who have no other reason to read it than that they WANT to! What a sensation!

I also have the distinct impression that I am growing in my writing – perhaps not in technique or public satisfaction (according to some critics) – but in my estimation of and confidence in my work, and I also note a trend in my style(s) in that they are solidifying, which for me is no mean accomplishment.

Here is a cartoon that was offered to me by “Mark S.” as a comment on Goodreads, where I made the first announcement of the publications.

No truer words. . .

I thank you all, my dear Gentle Readers, for your helpful criticism when I have asked for it, your encouragement, and for your good humor, willingness to laugh with me and the offers of your shoulders on which to cry.  You all continue to bless me with the abundance of enough. . .