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The Sunday Whirl – Wordle #79

With words like these, could I possibly come up with something depressing as my Wordle entries of late have been?  I can’t wait to find out!


Of all the happenings in my life that serve as a parent’s mixed-bag source
of joy is the coming home from a family vacation that takes the cake, of course!
We already know as we gladly return, every Stuckey’s and roadside café.
But our dream of leaving home for our destination of fun and play,
guided us to hoard each cent we had, getting set for our sweet gratification,
we faced the job to save it all, with a fixed and sturdy determination.

You know those trips I’m talking about, the billboards never-ending
their ads, drawn with kids in mind, to force you into souvenir spending.
And all the gas-station bathrooms the inspire your children’s quest –
(If you have to go, well sure, OK!  But why kids have to flush test
every toilet on the way?  And if you take your dog along, (I recommend you don’t)
Prepare for cleaning up the hot-boiled peanuts Rover eats that the children won’t.
While pondering the money already spent before you reach your beach motel.
You find out the busy road ‘tween your cabin and shore could be your last farewell.

Still there’s something about a family vacation, despite the trials and stumbles,
that yield, later (much, much later), joyous laughter without the grumbles.

You store your photos in a cabinet somewhere in your basement or the attic,
to one day find those images preserved, your memories renewed, and static.

Remember as you drove away, when you took the very first turn,
you gasped and prayed that you had asked you neighbor, please, to water your fern.

All the struggles to prepare now forgotten, changed to laughing recollection,
They serve to bind you all in your sweet moment of perfection.


I hope and pray that all of you have such memories, those times that stand out as perfect in your souls’ recollections, and more than that, you are all blessed with the abundance of enough. . .