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Sidey’s Weekend Theme (10/19/2012) – “Enterprises that require new clothes.” – Henry David Thoreau

What, an Emperor?

Sidey, dear – I have no such explanation as you for waiting until the following Friday, (scratch that and make it Saturday week), to do the previous Friday’s theme submission.  As a matter of fact, I was just looking through my list of “All Posts,” and found about 10 drafts – never completed, and all (except for one) was for one of your weekend themes.  It’s not that you make it hard, at least I don’t think so, but I think it’s because you make me think and my mind wanders so far past the theme that it ends up being an undone deal.  However, since you were noble enough to write a very nice piece in the midst of your grief, I feel as though I must make this particular draft a reality.  What new clothes shall I put on and why?  We’ll see. . .


Well, I could lie and say I’ve lost more weight and need some size 4 pants,
because my size 6’s are falling off and cause church members to look askance.
But the truth is that I moved from 6’s to 8’s (and even a 10 now and then)
When I swore to myself that double-digit sizes would never dress my hips again.

I also told myself that I would not again wear pants with an elastic waist,
not that there’s a thing wrong with them, but they leave a bitter aftertaste
in my mouth, ’cause with them I can get away with considerable bulging,
and fool myself I’ve not gained an ounce, and escape public divulging.

So if I choose to overeat and under-exercise as an enterprise.
Then I suppose that I’m now moving on toward first prize,huge-size-wise.
I managed to get through almost three years at a weight and a size that pleased,
But I knew if I couldn’t make it for at least five years, I’d always be unappeased.

And truth be told, I’d not need new clothes now had I not given the large ones away.
But I decided if I left myself an out, I’d frequently swap it for an ice cream sundae.
So the time has come for me to choose – either eat less and exercise more
Or spend my days eating and hating myself for it, then getting new clothes at the thrift store.

I wonder exactly which I’ll choose – depression or determination?
I’ve made use of both in the past, and I’m sure I could make either my destination.
I’ll let you all know as the days and months pass; right now I’m hoping to hang on
and at least stay at the alarming size I am now, instead of finding more to harangue on.


Alas, Sidey, I have completed last week’s theme.  I am glad to give you this week off, should you choose not to come up with one.  In any case, my submission here is all I can take of self-revelation.  I’ve done enough. . .